Self Esteem


Having low self esteem can be enormously painful. Everyone has the capacity to define who they are and decide if they like themselves or those aspects of themselves. It is the judgment you make that can cause the problem. low_self_esteem

person in need of low self esteem help. Generally, there are two types of low self esteem issues: situational and characterological.

As it sounds, if you suffer with situational low self esteem it will only show up in specific areas of your life. For example, you feel you are a wonderful spouse but not very good at your job, or great playing sports but a poor conversationalist.

Characterological low self esteem is more global and generally you have a feeling that you are a “bad person” and you have a never silent critical voice telling you all the time what you did wrong. With either one, you do not feel good about yourself.

Why live that way? Become aware of the judgments that you make about yourself. Learn to refute and disarm that critic, while identifying your strengths, and gaining self-acceptance. Develop a healthier sense of yourself and positive core beliefs.

Alter your view of yourself and your environment to a much more rewarding and satisfying one. I can help you improve your self-esteem and gain self confidence!