Divorce and Separation

Separation and Divorce

Whether you are the one who has decided to leave the marriage, the one being left or you both have decided this together – it just isn’t easy. Everyone goes into marriage thinking, hoping and expecting that it will last forever. When the harsh reality hits you that it isn’t going to last, it feels as if your world is falling apart and that something is dying.

If you are thinking about separation and/or divorce you need to prepare yourself for it so that you can deal with this process in an informed and effective manner. Psychotherapy can help you get through this very difficult process and help you plan the rest of your new life.

What do you do now???

It is so important that you have a safe place to work through all those feeling of guilt, pain, remorse, shame, isolation and fear. You also need to find support so that you can continue to go to work, take care of all your responsibilities and function in your day to day life. Psychotherapy will help you navigate your divorce and manage your feelings so that they don’t get in the way of you doing what is best for you.

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