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Depression can exist in varying degrees. It can affect not only your mood but how you feel physically, in your body. Thoughts such as "I am not myself anymore"; "I don't like being with my friends or doing the things I usually love to do"; or "I wonder if life is worth living" are all symptoms of depression. Feeling as if it takes too much energy to do activities you used to do all the time or feeling that you would rather just spend the day in bed, are also symptoms of depression. There are many theories about the causes of depression. Regardless of the cause, it can be debilitating. If you are depressed, it affects your work, your relationships, your health and your enjoyment of day to day life. Many people suffer in silence, worried about what others will thinks or afraid it means they are weak. The truth is that depression is common and treatable! You can get help with depression. If you think you are suffering with depression, let's determine if you are, so that you can start to feel better.